A unique western Canadian success.

The City Lumber & Millwork story began in 1937 in Northern Manitoba during the Great Depression. Zita and John Rosen, immigrants who came to Canada to escape the tide of anti-Semitism pervading much of Eastern Europe at that time, worked hard to forge a future in their isolated northern community.

The couple opened Northern Hardware, where they traded with trappers and fishermen, delivering goods in the harshest climate conditions. During this time Jack also operated three saw mills, which left him little choice but to spend long periods of time away from his family. This left Zita to stay home to operate the store and take care of the couple’s three children: Shirley, Beverly and Robert.

In 1949, the couple moved to Edmonton in search of better educational opportunities for their family, bringing with them a sawmill, a loyal crew of 14, and their willingness to work hard.

Relying on the fundamental values of respect, tolerance and compassion to their company and their community that the Rosen’s have instilled in the business since day one, Zita and John’s son Robert continues to passionately operate the company his parents built from the ground up.

City Lumber and Millwork is one of Western Canada’s most successful business stories. When Zita and John Rosen founded the company, they knew they were doing more than building a lumber business. They understood their business would build partnerships, friendships and connections that would last a lifetime.