Business—the City Lumber way

City Lumber, for nearly eight decades, has reflected the spirit and work ethic that has defined the great successes of Western and Northern Canada. Regardless of how demanding or difficult the challenge, we are ready to step forward and get the job done. We strive to be a trusted partner in your success, understanding that you are relying on us to be an essential part of your projects.

We are a more than one of Western Canada’s largest and most diversified heavy industrial millwork facilities. We are an economic driver. We bring decades of experience and expertise serving the industrial sector and developing customized specialty projects for heavy industrial use.

We have been in business since 1937 because, at our core, we are problem solvers. We have been strategic during massive economic growth, innovative during market busts, and have found ways to resolve labour shortages when others couldn’t. Perhaps most tellingly, we are recognized experts in construction in tough northern climates.

Our work is second to none. Whether you need a crane mat, concrete form system, shipping box, site superintendent office or any other product – we can build and deliver it in your timeline – we know how important quality, reliability and speed are to you.

We have been honoured to be an integral part of the heavy industrial success story in Western and Northern Canada, and beyond. It has been our privilege to watch our clients, and partners experience the same meteoric growth and prosperity as we have.