Celebrating 75 years in business

It All Starts With MeIn 2012 City Lumber celebrated three quarters of a century of being a part of a dynamic business community in Western Canada. To celebrate this special milestone, Robert Rosen collaborated on a number of projects that bring communities together.

In June 2012 in partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Edmonton, Robert connected 120 children to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Citadel Theatre so they could experience different forms of art in a remarkable and unforgettable way. Called “It All StArts With Me”, the event has inspired Robert to encourage other businesses to consider supporting arts based programming for children. Celebrating our birthday milestone by making a difference in children’s lives aligns with City Lumber’s corporate vision of building stronger and more compassionate communities through arts and education initiatives.

Our anniversary year also featured our sponsorship of a special celebration of arts and culture in the Fort McMurray region at which children experienced the thrill of meeting Edmonton Symphony Orchestra musicians up close. We also supported a musical celebration at the Devonian Gardens, hosted by the Edmonton Opera, where a number of tickets were provided to women and children from local shelters.

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