A Forestry Industry Leader

During the 1980s and 1990s, while Alberta went through a major economic downturn, Robert accepted the volunteer responsibility of chairing the City of Edmonton Economic Authority. Robert’s vision and passion for Edmonton proved to be significant in helping the city redefine its economic future. He was also invited by the Premier to join the Province’s economic and strategic think tank: the Alberta Economic Development Authority, which set strategy for the Province of Alberta in all sectors of economic development.

It was while in these positions that Robert became a highly respected leader, noted for his visionary ability to see past the problems of the moment and on to the solutions for the future.

A significant part of Robert’s vision for Alberta was to support new investment and the creation of many new jobs for Albertans. He worked diligently and creatively with senior government officials, to turn the forestry industry into a multi-billion dollar sector in Alberta. This initiative created many new, value-added employment opportunities throughout Alberta at a time when there was high unemployment due to the low price of oil and gas.

City Lumber, and Robert personally, continue to champion the forestry sector in Western Canada.


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